The Difference Between Poker and Blackjack

May 11th, 2012

Poker and blackjack share a lot of similarities. They are after all both card games and they are two of the most popular card games in the casino. There is however an important difference between the two games and that difference is the role that skill plays. Certainly it takes practice to get good at both games but in the case of blackjack no matter how good you get luck will always be a factor and the odds will always work against you. This is not the case with poker.

The main difference between poker and blackjack, besides the fact that they are completely different games, is that poker is played against other players while blackjack is played against the casino. This is an important difference because it means that the casino doesn’t care who wins a game of poker, they do care who wins at blackjack. This means that the odds are always against you when you play blackjack, you may win from time to time but over the long haul the casino will always win. This is not the case with poker where it is very possible to be a consistent winner.

The other big difference between poker and blackjack is the role that skill plays in the games. In blackjack no matter how skilled you are the odds will always be against you because in the end it is purely a game of luck. Certainly it takes skill to play the right strategy to minimize the odds against you but nothing can change the fact that they are against you. In the case of poker however the element of skill is a much more important factor. Certainly luck is important but skill is also important.

Because skill plays such an important role in the game of poker the better player will tend to win more often. Luck will still come into play and inexperienced players will from time to time beat professionals but this not all that common. This means that if you improve your skills you can win consistently at poker and become a professional player. This is not the case with blackjack where as already mentioned eventually everybody will be a loser.

The differences between poker and blackjack and the role that skill plays are important in understanding why poker is becoming so popular. Historically blackjack has been the most popular game in the casino because it is so easy to learn. However as people have come to realize that the odds are stacked against them and they can’t win in the long run they are starting to turn to poker. Since that is something they can get better at with practice and ultimately become good enough that they can win consistently it is a much more appealing option than blackjack.

Online Casino Review: Best places to play blackjack online

September 3rd, 2011

If you enjoy playing blackjack from the comforts of your own home you need to know the best online casinos that you can visit. Here are some of the best online casinos that we know of:

Sportsbook offers a lot for those who want to bet online. You can choose from poker, sports games, casino games, and blackjack. It has been online for more than a decade and has a good crowd coming from the sports betting websites. As for blackjack options, this online casino makes use of a 6-deck shoe which is reshuffled after every deal. So if you are a card counter, you got the slimmest of chances here. Bet range goes from $1 to $100.

Players Only

Blackjack players will love the Players Only Online Casino frequented by a good crowd because it is a very safe place on the internet to play at. You cannot find hundreds of casino games on here but their blackjack layout with different levels is quite good. They also offer some variations for those who are tired of the old usual blackjack.

This online casino is among the biggest online casino that you can find today. It has everything that you need to look for in an online casino and pretty much can cater to everyone looking for a good time betting. Their blackjack offering makes use of a 4-deck shuffle that shuffles the cards after every deal. Blackjack betting goes from $1 thru $250 plus online dealer stands at with soft 17 and they also have insurance available.

Poker tips: Keep the pot size small

January 16th, 2011

Poker is all about decisions. As in anything, some poker decision will be quite easy to make compared to some which will make you feel that you are against the wall. In most cases, making the pot size really large makes the decision making process tougher. Keeping it small though also makes the decision process easier.

In poker tournaments, it will be wise to keep the pot size small when you have a marginal hand. You do not want to crack your brain out of its shell thinking why you are risking all of your chips when you only have a top pair and a not so good kicker. It is not a good move to build a big pot. Even when you are holding a good hand, poker decisions will be a lot more manageable when you keep the pot small with some checks and calls.

Let us say the action is on you as the big blind and the small blind have folded. What you have is a King and  Jack. You call a raise and is met by the button putting you on a heads up on the way to the flop. The flop shows 3-9-J two of which are diamonds. Yes you got a top pair and a pretty strong kicker but your opponent may be getting a straight or a flush given the cards.

Decide to be conservative and check. The button puts in about two thirds of the pot. The turn gives a 5 of clubs, and this most likely will not help your opponent. Still keep the pot small and tap for a check.  This will be a wiser move since you are still waiting what the other player will do. In case you bet and the opponent got a monster then he will do everything to push you out of the pot.

The river gives you a 2 of hearts. Clearly, there is no flush nor a straight for your opponent. But still try to keep it low and just check. This will save you some headache in case he has made two pairs or a set somewhere.

This safe way of playing is ideal when you have marginal hands. Don’t make life tough for you and keep that pot in the middle small.

10 Poker hotties worth watching (Part 1)

June 9th, 2010

You might argue that the word sexy does not meet with casino games like slots or poker. You might have a point but admit it, poker hotties will be noticed when they are on the table. We have some players on our lists but we also have some individuals who are just involved with poker in one way or another.

10. Marianela Pereyra

She is the hot host of the Poker After Dark. Marianela is a model-actress born in Argentina who has been able to prove that she is a bona fide hot lady of the poker world

9. Evelyn Ng

This certified hottie hails from Toronto, Canada. She realized her dream of being a poker star at 31 and decided to conquer the game rooms of Las Vegas. Face and force to play with at a poker table.

8. Anna Benson

Anna is the wife of Kris Benson, a former pitcher for the Mets. She was listed as one of the hottest wives of baseball players by FHM. She launched her own site and plays during celebrity games. She also has a WSOP experience under her belt.

7. Cindy Margolis

Who will not now the most downloaded girl on the net before? She has learned to reinvent her image and become a poker goddess. We know for a fact that she can distract players at a poker table.

6. Shannon Elizabeth

She’s hot and pretty dangerous on the poker table. She raked in $120,000 during one of the Heads Up Poker Championship organized by NBC.

5. Joanna Krupa

Hot. Period. That’s just how everyone defines this Polish model. Aside from Playboy, FHM, and Maxim, she is the official girl of Titan Poker. We are going all in that internet poker will continue to gain more audience with girls like Joanna.

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Playing Craps Online

April 22nd, 2010

Craps OnlineIt is now possible to play craps, one of the world’s most popular gambling games, on your computer in the comfort of your own home. One of the main selling points of craps, though, is the social interaction and excitement at the live table, so why would someone choose to forego that experience in favor of solitary, online play?

To begin, it is inconvenient for many people to drive to a casino, as gambling is illegal in locations both worldwide and in the U.S. But even if live play is an option, the circumstances in the casino are not necessarily favorable. There may be no low-limit tables available in a live casino due to limited real estate, but in an online casino, one can always find an open table at the stakes they want. In fact, craps can even be paid for free online, an option you certainly won’t find in any casino. Online gaming also removes the distractions that are normally found in the casino; craps in particular is known for having very loud and crowded tables. Finally, online craps has the option of offering the player several amenities not often found in casinos, such as frequent craps tournaments or improved player odds (the latter is in free craps games only).

Many potential customers may believe that online gambling, including craps, is fixed so that they will lose more often than usual. The house already has an edge, however, and, online casinos would only be taking an unnecessary risk by skewing the odds of the game, as they are overseen and regulated by various commissions. Software for online craps is designed so that the online and actual die rolls will have the same exact frequency. If you are interested in trying online craps but are wary of being cheated, try one of the bigger online casinos with a good track record, such as

All about Casino Tokens

September 25th, 2009

When you walk into a casino to play and try your luck at any of the tables, or at the slot machines, you need a special type of coin to play. This coin is called a Casino token. In some countries they are also known as casino chips, or casino checks. Sundance Hotel Casino Casino Chip 1980They generally appear like small discs which you can use instead of your actual currency inside the casino. They are colored metal or clay molded tokens of different denominations, which you can use primarily in table games. These casino tokens have no cash value outside casino which is why it is safer to play with casino tokens rather than actual cash. Casinos have cash counters where you can exchange your currency money and get these chips to play your luck.

Casino owners prefer to use casino tokens instead of real cash as it is more convenient to use these tokens instead of currency. Also, it makes theft and counterfeiting difficult, and it makes it easier to count them in stacks, as all casino tokens are made up of same size and weight. Grand Casino brussels 2 Euro ChipThough, there is no official weight declared, these tokens weigh around 10 grams or more, depending on the types of materials used in the making of these chips. Color of the chip may vary, as each casino has its own color schemes, based on the denomination of that particular casino chip.

With so much money flowing in, the number one priority of any casino owner is cash security. Hence, casino tokens are hard to reproduce, but casino owners have raised the level of security and introduced casino chips with RFID technology embedded in them for their future security. Additionally, casinos have introduced gaming plaques which are larger and rectangular in shape and used for high stakes table games. Mostly gaming plaques are used where stake are more than $25,000. These gaming plaques have a serial numbers on them for security reasons.

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The history and origin of video poker

May 7th, 2009

Video Poker MachineVideo poker is a hybrid of video game and the game of poker. Undeniably video poker is the most recent variant of poker and in the present scenario there are technologically advanced video poker machines which can be seen as a prominent part of many casinos. But little does anyone know that video poker has been into picture for over two hundred years now and earlier it was played on consoles which featured almost very little or no technology.

In 1980s a strong demand was felt for a poker game where players need not observe the movements and facial expressions of the co players but enjoy play poker with ease and comfort. This demand led to invention of video poker and it was in the year 1970 that the first video poker machine walked into casinos. The game was an instant hit and become popular amongst poker player in almost no time. Video poker was ideal way to learn poker by beginners, players only required to check out the payout plans of each machine and adjust their game play accordingly.

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Whilst roulette and blackjack are great fun, slots are the most popular casino game out there with so many different variations and themes to choose from. They are also the easiest to play when on the go as you don’t have to put much thought into clever strategy or smart choices, and you can find plenty of them in

Slots are basically games of chance where you simply place a bet, spin the reels and let fate decide! Some slots have three reels, some have more, some have traditional fruit motifs and others feature characters from popular films and games like Tomb Raider and Lord of the Rings.

You can’t really go wrong with slots, there’s something for everyone. One version more familiar to poker enthusiasts might be a slots game with card themes on the reels – the logic of the game is different, but at least the pictures are familiar.

Excalibur Poker Room installs “Computer” Poker Tables

May 7th, 2009

I’m not too sure what to make of this, and I’ can’t believe I haven’t gone out to the Excalibur to check it out yet… I’ll be in Vegas next week and I’ll report back with my ideas….

YouTube Preview Image

Top 5 Poker Havens in Las Vegas

March 21st, 2009

Las Vegas StripWhere in the world will you find the best places to play poker on but in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are heading to the Sin City, here are the must see poker hot spots:


Drop by The Bellagio and play poker in Bobby’s Room. The crowd is very nice and you will even have a chance to rub elbows with the big wigs of the poker world like Daniel Negreanu, Chip Reese, and Jen Harman. The Limit Hold’em starts rolling at $4/8 and goes high as the other sky scrapers in town. No Limit Hold’em are played in many levels as well.

The Venetian

You can find another excellent poker room in The Venetian. The atmosphere is very inviting with very accommodating staff, professional dealers, and fantastic crowd. Deep stack tournaments are also being run here.

The Mirage

The Mirage has a no smoking poker room that provides great action for every player from all corners of the globe. The room provides a great variety of limit and no limit games. You can do Limit hold’em starting at $3/6 and Omaha Hi/Lo at $5/10.

MGM Grand

As the great name implies, the poker room in the casino is really huge. Limit hold’em can be played starting at $3/6 or $4/8. They also do killer pots which are not seen in other casinos. The room is very proximate to the entrance and attracts large crowds. If you are a good player, you can catch a lot of fish and donkeys playing on the tables.


The poker room spells fun in all tables at Caesars. They have separate rooms for tournaments and use auto shufflers. The dealers are great wherever you play Limit Hold’em, No Limit Hold’em, and Omaha.

The Best online Casinos and online Poker rooms in town

November 26th, 2008

Since the boom of the internet also playing online in a online casino or online poker room has become very populair.
The best thing about playing in a casino online or playing your favorite online poker is that you can stay in the comfort of your own home.

You don’t have to travel to a landbased casino and you are able to stop whenever you like.

If you want to play poker on line or in a casinó online all you have to do is search on the internet and find the providers of these great games.

If you dont want to go directly to these providers there are a lot of Casino and Poker promotion websites that give you a very good review of the beste online casino and the best online poker rooms. Most of the time these promotion website have the best online casino bonus for you and the best deals when it come to online poker.

Normally these website also have a top 10 of online poker rooms and online Kasino rooms and you are able to choose the best Kasino or Poker online for you.

The most top 10′s have a very good review of all the Poker rooms and online Casino’s that their offering to their Clients. So if you want have a blast playing online at the different Poker and Casion rooms.